A Call to Men

Dec2014-1   The NGO Caribbean Development Foundation ended its 2014 violence against women with ” A Call to Men”, a workshop targeting NGOs and other professionals working towards rehabilitating men with a history of violence within the family. The Workshop was held at the Cascadia Hotel in St. Ann’s , Port of Spain , Trinidad, on December 12 & 13th,2014.


7 The NC DF’s Violence against women campaign, which begun in September 2010 has focused mainly on victims of domestic violence and ascertaining the needs of victims and the level of support that should be provided to victims across the region. Out of the first  phase of the campaign came the Cascadia Protocol, a document providing recommendations for providing indirect and direct support to victims of domestic violence. The Second phase of the NCDF’s violence against women campaign will focus on projects that promote rehabilitating men with a history of violence in the home.   The Training workshop was facilitated by Jonathan Fowler: With an academic background in Psychology and Child & Family Studies (MA, Leiden University, The Netherlands), much of Jonathan Fowler’s work during the last twenty plus years has focused on improving relationships, especially where violence and abuse have become part of relating. He’s worked as a therapist, counselling tutor, group facilitator, researcher and senior manager in secure psychiatric services, prisons and the community. Since 2011 this work has included facilitating groups with men who are abusive in their relationships.



9Mr. Fowler will be an integral part of The NCDF’s campaign on  rehabilitating men with a history  of violence within the home.