Cedars Home- Grenada





The Cedars Home aims to provide a safe and supportive environment for abused women and their children.  The objectives are:

  1. To provide temporary shelter to women and their children who are in abusive relationships.
  2. To provide counseling and support for women and their children
  3. To provide services that will strengthen and empower women and their children through education and enrichment opportunities.
  4. To advocate on behalf of women and their children with legal matters
  5. To facilitate opportunities for families to explore options and future plans.
  6. To facilitate awareness programs aimed at eradicating domestic violence.
  7. To provide support and follow-up mechanisms for past residents.

Description of Service

The Home will encourage women to be independent and self-reliant through the following program and activities:

(I)                  Personal development and inter-personal relationship

(II)                Counselling, Conflict Resolution & Coping Skills

(III)               Reproductive & Adolescent Health Issues

(IV)             Pregnancy, Child Care, Parenting and General Health Issues

(V)               Moral support with addressing legal and logistical matters while in the Home

(VI)             Opportunities for developing or improving life skills, employability and other skills, including for self employment

(VII)            Assistance with organising for physical and emotional needs to be met upon discharge from the Home

(VIII)          Follow-up and outreach work with former residents and their families.

Contact Person:

Janelle Francis, Manager