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HELP US; HELP YOU, END RELATIONSHIP ABUSE!  Help is a phone call away.

The Centre Against Abuse is the only registered charity inBermudathat provides intervention, support and education to all on domestic abuse, which is a pattern of unwanted behaviour (e.g. physical, verbal, emotional, etc.) that is used to gain and maintain power and control in a relationship.


The Centre Against Abuse became a registered charity (#146) on June 11, 1979 under the name The Physical Abuse Centre.  The mission of the founders was to have a counseling, hotline and safe house resource for women escaping abuse.  While this was successful and initially run by volunteers, the need for full time staff was required due to the burn out of the volunteers and the increase in need for the services that were being offered to the community.  Our services were also extended beyond the victims and witnesses to include perpetrators and males. January 2010 the name officially changed to the Centre Against Abuse. Today we still maintain office services for our clients (one office for females and a separate office for males) and the safe house. Our 24 hour hotline continues, and we have also added a 24 hour men’s crisis hotline to our services, which is answered by trained males. Our education and prevention programmes have grown to include the schools, churches, police, healthcare, business and other community areas.


Our mission is to provide safe shelter, support and tools for those involved in abuse; and to create advocates for an abuse-free community through education and prevention.


We do this by providing a variety of services to theBermudacommunity that includes:



Bermuda’s only safe haven for women and their children who want to escape domestic violence and begin living abuse free lives.



(441)297-8278 domestic abuse resource hotline

(441)332-1293 for men in crisis, answered by men



Group and individual counselling offered for victims of abuse.



Identifies source of anger, how to recognize triggers, and offers tools and techniques to deal with a situation in a positive way.



Provided for the children at the safe house, utilising dogs to assist children to overcome the trauma of abuse



Batterers Intervention Programme for abusers.


Students Abuse Free Education (S.A.F.E)

S.A.F.E provides various education and prevention training to students, teachers and parents, on healthy relationships, abuse, respect, safety plans and how to be abuse free advocates.


Court Advocacy

Protection Orders, Summary Offence Letters and support for clients to prepared them for court procedures.




Training for salon professionals on how to recognise and respond to domestic abuse in clients and how to refer.



Provides young boys with the tools and resources to be abuse free adults and abuse free advocates.



Customized sessions for organisations providing education on domestic abuse




  • Safe shelter programme for women and their children
  • Counselling
  • Support for victims and their children
  • Programmes for abusers
  • Referrals
  • 24 hour emergency services available




  • Keep important documents in a safe place, accessible to you.
  • Keep important phone numbers available to you and your children.
  • Inform a neighbour about the violence and ask them to call the police if they hear suspicious noises coming from your house.
  • Keep change for phone calls at all times and always carry money for a taxi or bus.
  • Plan your escape route in case of an emergency.


Contact the Centre Against Abuse to obtain information, support and to strengthen your relationships with others, and for more information about any of our programmes.


Office: (441) 292 4366      24 Hr Hotline: (441) 297 8278     Men’s Crisis Hotline: (441) 332 1293

E-mail: info@centreagainstabuse.bm

Website:  www.abusefree.org


The Centre Against Abuse

P.O.  Box 2049


Bermuda HM HX