Dominica National Council of women


The Dominica National Council of Women was established in 1986.

As you may be aware, the DNCW is a voluntary umbrella organization representing women’s group on the island.

It seeks to advance the cause of women and ensure the integration of women in all aspects of society.

From its inception, DNCW has taken on two major thrust Development Programs and Crisis Services. The Dominica National Council of Women (DNCW) is registered as an association for Non-profit limited/Non-Government Organizations,since September 22nd 1998, under the Government of Dominica Companies Ordinance CAP 318 and companies regulations SRO No. 29 of 1981.

This umbrella organization has a membership of fifty-six (56) registered groups divided into seven zoned districts. The management committee, elected every two years comprises nine (9) executive members and fourteen (14) zoned representatives.

DNCW also collaborates with other stake holders to meet its


The DNCW crisis program focuses on a preventative approach to Violence. It Caters to the needs of individuals and families by means of education, training, counselling and shelter services.

DNCW is an advocate for the recognition of the Domestic Violence Act.

Since the establishment of the Council; it has been providing counselling services for women, men and their families.

Presently perpetrators are coming in seeking to reform their lives.


“Together we strive; Together We Achieve” forms the basis for the implementation of programmes.

Collaboration, cooperation and consistency have become important passwords in the process of Crisis Intervention, our role is “Mediatory” and the full involvement of clients is requested in arriving at solutions.


The Dominica National Council of Women aims to sensitize, empower and unite women and their families, with the knowledge relating to their rights in order for them to develop their full potential; and to find common solutions to problems affecting them and, to create the awareness of the vital role those women play in the development of the country.


The Crisis Programme focuses on a preventive approach to violence and more specifically domestic violence, catering to the needs of individuals and families by means of:

Education and training for target groups

Public Education

Counselling and Shelter services


DNCW at present has three part time employees, Project Coordinator, Crisis/Shelter Manager/Counsellor who are paid by The Violence against Women (VAW). There is also an office administrator

A number of volunteers, including the management Team assist in the day to day activities at the office and in the zones.


This shelter has served as a source of strength and empowerment for many victims and their families; due to limited resources persons are only allowed to stay for a maximum of five (5) days. This situation from time to time causes some Inconveniences for the clients , as in certain circumstance they may  require more time and access to a kitchenette.

Private homes are sometimes used for short periods of time.

DNCW would like to improve this situation but would need

funding to upgrade, manage and provide for the security of shelter personnel and clients.


To collaborate with DNCW to reduce and eliminate incidence of violence in their families.

To cooperate with program personnel to ensure the safety and security of themselves and that of counsellors/workers and the shelter.

To take advantage of all opportunities available for self development, through education and training particularly skills training for economic independence.

Contact details:

Dominica National Council of Women

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