FemPowerment International

Motto: Empower the total woman – educate, support, coach, mentor, sponsor, undergird

The Mission

Stop violence against women
Empower women
Change women’s legacy

The Vision

women have zero tolerance for abuse and violence in their own lives
women are lifted out of poverty and subservience
create a new legacy for young women -of education, independence and entrepreneurship

The Strategy

Provide services that undergird women’s movement toward education, independence & prosperity

Fund and organize college scholarships for young women graduating from high school
Her movement toward independence (emotionally, financially and socially) and prosperity,
is her movement away from abuse and violence, and struggle

The Message

Women live from the most powerful core of their feminine intelligence, strength, beauty and creativity
Women enjoy an intimate bond with each other that fosters confidential friendships and social support
Women optimize their career or business abilities and opportunities

The Program Agenda – Issues

Ageing, Beauty, Fitness
Business, Career
Community and relationships
Family issues
Financial Matters
Health –physical, mental, emotional
Problem coping and solving
Romance and relationships
The Program Services
Business services
Career services
Education, training, mentoring, coaching
Financial services
Health Services
Information resources
Referral services
Scholarship programs
Shelter and transition services

The Leadership

Andrea Oscarsson – Chairman/President

Ruth Roberts – Vice President
Board of Directors: Elizabeth Forbes, Karla Kelman, Helen Rapier, Andrea Oscarsson


FemPowerment International Inc.
Attn: Larrisa Daniel
Grand Anse
St. George’s
Email: fempowerfound@aol.com
Grenada – (473) 537 -5519
Sweden  – (46) 76 099 6252
FACEBOOK: FemPowerment International, Grenada