Grenada National Organisation of Women

Grenada National Organisation of Women





The Grenada National Organisation of Women Inc. (GNOW) is the umbrella non-governmental organisation (NGO) for the women of Grenada.  It is a vibrant national women’s organisation addressing the needs of all segments of the female population of Grenada and attracting national and international support for gender equality, gender equity, women’s empowerment and involvement in development including economic, social and political dimensions.  It was launched on April 23, 1995 and registered under the Companies Act of Grenada in 1996.


To create a change in the socialization and culture of power relations between women and men through sensitization and action for equal participation in the household, the community, the workplace and in national life


v   Developing a culture in which members have a sense of belonging/ownership of the organisation.

v   Providing a forum for the full and free expression of views and opinions.

v   Facilitating full participation and collective decision-making.

v   Ensuring transparency and accountability in GNOW’s affairs.

v   Adopting clear positions on issues and communicating them without compromise.

v   Engaging, supporting and strengthening affiliates and members.

v   Creating and promoting awareness for motivating and mobilizing members and affiliates to be proactive and vigilant advocates for women’s rights.

v   Planning for the future of the organisation through documentation and archival record management for successful leadership transitions.

v   Increasing information on relevant issues within a data bank by conducting internal research and forging alliances with agencies responsible for data collection.

v   Identifying challenges facing women and barriers to gender equality and taking appropriate actions.



Eradicating poverty and hunger – In order for women to realize their full potential, they must have equal access to economic activities.  GNOW works to change the tradition of gendered division of labour and create a climate, including one free from sexual harassment, which would allow women to engage in economic activity of their choice.

Building awareness of women’s rights – Women’s human rights are not yet fully accepted and practiced by all.

Engaging the youth for the achievement of gender equality – Young women and men of the next generation are being involved in programmes in making decisions for the improvement of their lives, taking a stand for their rights and the achievement of gender equality.

Supporting women and girls who are victims and survivors of gender-based violence – GNOW is working to reform responses to gender-based violence (legal, procedural and medical) so they are more relevant to the realities.  Issues not accommodated within law are to be addressed, such as sexual harassment and marital rape.

Advancing women’s health – Women are being encouraged to take their own health seriously and so take responsibility for it, primarily through preventative measures for lifestyle related diseases such as hypertension and some cancers and addressing  HIV/AIDS through raising awareness of women’s sexual rights, including the right  to negotiate safe sex.


Strengthening GNOW as an institution – to create a sustainable organisation in order to achieve the other priorities, GNOW also focuses on:

  • § Institutional strengthening
  • § Outreach and interface with affiliates
  • § Building the financial capacity of GNOW
  • § Obtain property to house the office and provide services


The main activities of GNOW include

  • § Lobbying and advocacy, e.g.
    • Representing the voice of women at meetings and consultations
    • Organising forums for discussion and sensitization on issues related to the advancement of women
  • § Training and capacity building, e.g.
    • Developing the skills of personnel and its member organisations to meet growing demands
    • Providing training to groups and facilitating panel discussions, workshops, etc
  • § Direct intervention, e.g.
    • Facilitating women’s entry into the construction industry
    • Creating a support network for women experiencing gender-based violence
    • Holding “Gender, Sexuality and HIV/AIDS” workshops for teachers, conferences for students and sensitization activities for the public


  1. Rebuilding Grenada with Gender Equality – This project had several components:
    1. Encouraging women to enter the construction industry – over 400 women participated in training courses.
    2. Providing Life Skills Training to the participants in various courses run through the USAID Grant.  The numbers trained were 280 women and 88 men in Construction courses, and 108 women and 9 men in Hospitality Arts courses.
    3. Motivational meetings with women in construction – 58 women and 8 men participated.
    4. Conducted research among women trained and working in constructing, looking at their needs, problems, goals, etc.
    5. Conducting gender awareness sessions with trainers and builders.

Work continues in this field with a “Tools for Women in Construction” project.

  1. Conducting Community Leadership Courses – five groups from Grenada, mainly St Mark’s, and several in Carriacou (through the Ministry of Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs) benefited.
  2. Gender, Sexuality and HIV/AIDS Projects – a behaviour modification and awareness programme aimed at changing the gendered ideologies about sexuality and empowering women to negotiate safe sex.
    1. Conducted training for HFLE subject leaders and other teachers of secondary and primary schools.
    2. Held youth conferences with students of secondary and primary schools.
    3. Developed “Women’s Sexual Rights”.
    4. Created and distributed informational leaflets and brochures.
  3. Commemoration Activities for International Women’s Day (March 8) and the Day to Protest Violence Against Women (16 Days of Activism from November 25 to December 10)
  4. Creating a support network for women experiencing gender-based violence – This project has begun with three main components
    1. Formation and maintenance of an informal Community Support Network of Volunteers throughout Grenada and Carriacou
    2. Training of Police Officers on “Responding to Domestic Violence”
    3. Developed proposed legislation on sexual harassment
    4. Develop protocols for dealing with domestic violence and sexual assaults by the police and health care personnel (in progress)
  5. Management of CARIWA Project – Accessed funding and implemented a regional project entitled “Dealing with Sexuality and Sexual Rights in the Caribbean – the key to Controlling the Spread of HIV”, involving a regional conference and meetings as well as small individual sub-projects in various countries.


Organisations with membership in GNOW are:

  • Anglican Mothers Union
  • Bahai Faith
  • Bellevue, Belmont and Harvey Vale Women’s Group
  • Grenada Homemakers Association
  • Grenada Netball Association
  • Grenada Nurses Association
  • Grenada Union of Teachers – Women’s Committee
  • Mt Royal, Mt D’or & Top Hill Women’s Group
  • Nzingha
  • Public Workers Union – Women’s Committee
  • Soroptimist International of Grenada
  • St Patrick’s Progressive Organisation of Women
  • Young Women Christian Association


GNOW is affiliated to the Grenada Inter Agency Group of Development Organisations (IAGDO) and the Caribbean Women’s Association (CARIWA).


Based on the constitution, GNOW has a three-tiered management structure:

  1. Executive Committee, made up of the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, assistant secretary/treasurer, public relations officer, three floor members and the immediate past president;
  2. Management Committee that is comprised of the executive and one member of each affiliate;
  3. The Annual General Meeting, which is the highest decision-making body and comprised of delegates of affiliates and individual members.

The work of GNOW is facilitated through commissions that focus on specific priority areas.  The seven commissions of GNOW are:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Violence and Conflict Resolution
  • Training
  • Finance and Fund-Raising
  • Membership
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Governance


GNOW operates an office from Room Six (6), GRENCODA Resource Complex, St. John Street, St. George’s.  GNOW also hosts the Secretariat of the Caribbean Women’s Association at its office.

There are four (4) staff members headed by the Project Coordinator.  The staff is responsible for implementation.

Contact us at: 1-473-440-6257