Jessica Gopaul’s Book on Abuse and Self Actualization

The NGO Caribbean Development Foundation is proud to introduce Jessica Gopaul a new and exciting young writer on the Issue of Domestic Violence. Ms Gopaul will be doing a reading of her book “Annie” on December 2nd , 2023.


Jessica Gopaul

Annie (2023) is a book that tells a story through a series of poems about a woman called Annie. Annie was abused when she was at a tender age by a man who she considered a father. After she is abused Annie faces instances in her life where she is a victim of : abuse, loss, loneliness, love, self-actualization, depression and insecurities. The poems are told from different perspectives. The flow of the story begins with the poem “The Sin”; this is where Annie’s mother is a victim of rape and Annie is born. It is the origin of what society calls a ‘Generational curse’. Poems such as: “Demons”, “Teacher”, and “Epiphany of Tobacco”, describe Annie’s experiences in her childhood. The poem, “Annie” is a pivotal point where Annie’s mother’s injustice gets inflicted upon Annie like a curse. One can notice steps through each poem that Annie goes through a process of self-actualization and it is not easy as she experiences emotional and mental turmoil to accept her past experiences, present circumstances and to realize her future.

Please see the flyer below for  details of the book reading, or visit the author’s website at: