Organisation for abused and battered Individuals (O.A.B.I)-Trinidad







Mission Statement: Working to prevent, reduce and eliminate Child Abuse, Gender-Based violence, Domestic Violence, and Sexual Assault, through research, the dissemination of preventative education and training, addressing poverty, providing health and family life education and support, promoting effective policy and legislation and Victim Advocacy training.


Vision Statement: To have a society which is free from Child Abuse, Gender-Based Violence, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. O.A.B.I promotes the empowerment of all individuals (female and male/young and old) to foster gender equality, tolerance, and justice through research, affirmative youth development, alleviation of poverty, victim advocacy training and the dissemination of preventative education, which inspires a commitment to the changing of social and cultural norms, education and training, healthy lives, and effectual use of technology.


Value Statement: Providing, promoting, and maintaining a client-oriented atmosphere with ethical principles of confidentiality, transparency, resiliency, and accountability in everything we do.


Mottos: “Breaking the silence is not a popular choice; it is the right choice; get educated; get informed; for friends do not let friends harm others.”

“Prevention requires a clear vision of what we are working for, not only what we are working against and a commitment to social change.”


O.A.B.I.: Organization for Abused and Battered Individuals was founded in 2008, due to the rapid increase in cases of Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Gender-Based Violence and its relation to poverty, mental illness, health, crime, and education.  The organization was officially launched in May of 2011.


The organization exists to address the needs of all women and girls, men and boys, vulnerable persons and persons with disabilities within Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean and Latin America.  While we work with every one, particular interest is placed on working with persons who are at risk, have been victims of, or are victims of CSA, DV, SA, and GBV and persons who live in depressed and rural communities. The organization aims to tackle these issues by working towards changing cultural and socially accepted norms about offenders and victims, conduct various types of research, assist with the creation and implementation of policy and legislation, work with the protective services, encourage youth development and work with individuals to develop creative innovative business models to help victims become self-sustainable.


While working towards alleviating poverty and illiteracy, having open conversations about abuse and mental health disorders  and calling for primary prevention intervention and victim advocacy units, research has shown that these issues correlate with poverty, crime, health and illiteracy. Thus leading to a breakdown in the moral, social and spiritual fabric of society. Violence in any form undermines the fundamental human rights of an individual, and it continues to plague many families, communities and nations.


With many persons believing that the perpetration of violent behaviour’s are normal. These issues are not isolated, and they touch every facet of society, even the environment and brings with it huge financial, emotional, medical and mental cost to state agencies, families and societies at large. The ultimate aim of the organization is to reduce the number of victims and offenders, encourage strong family units and communities, foster gender equality, facilitate the environment for persons to become active bystanders, help individuals heal (thrive) and become active agents of change in combatting and or preventing the perpetration of acts of violence against all.  Facilitate an environment for the empowerment of victims of violence, use research to guide the formulation an implementation of effective interventions, policies, and prevention strategies.


Assist with the alleviation of poverty, helping persons in rural communities to enhance their life and living conditions, and working with the youth to engage them in the process of change, with particular emphasis on women and girls. “For when the human rights of one is violated the human rights of all are in jeopardy.” ~ Sherna Alexander Benjamin.


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