Stichting De Drie Ankers

Three Anchors Foundation is networkorganization that  creates opportunities for social organizations to perform activities, realize joint projects and coordinates combines knowledge and experience of partner organizations.


Women play a central role in Suriname’s social and family life, but they are often in a vulnerable socio-economic status .­­The project aims to create an environment in which women are successful and sustainable entrepreneurial potential.

Coaches at

In Suriname there are many social organizations that work for people with a distance to jobs to help them to a economically independent life. The Suri-namese business often recognize the potential of this audience hardly. Thereby is the opportunities for many people often very limited, despite their great potential for society and labor. In the project Coaches @ Work are 19 coaches, employed by 13 different organizations, in Suriname  trained to assist participants to work.

Expertise Centre

The goal of the Expertise Centre is to bring all knowledge in the field of career development  available to organizations in Suriname, the Caribbean and South and Central America .

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