Stop Violence Against Women

Organizational information

  1. Name. Stop Geweld Tegen Vrouwen

Stop Violence Against Women

Address: Verlengde Gemenelandsweg 18d

Paramaribo – Suriname

Tel nr:    +597- 470380

+597- 520013

Fax nr:    + 597- 478269


Website:     (available in English)

Contact person: Estrelita(Lita) Tromp, chairperson of the board/member     of the management team.

Margo Bean, member of the management team/board member.

  1. Legal status/brief history

In September 1992 the Foundation was established, executed by the notary.

At first the Foundation worked with volunteers. After receiving her first donor funding in 1999 the Foundation has been able to professionalize her service regarding domestic violence, including system oriented counseling, preventative activities and training.

Her strength is the fact that the victims (and perpetrators) provide input for research, training and study, while what is learned and the expertise gained are offered /contributed to the victims again.

  1. goal and mandate

The statuary goals of the Foundation are:

–         to provide the necessary assistance, service(socio – psychological, judicial) and counseling women and their families who are victim of (domestic) violence.

–         To promote and make the society aware of gender equality

  1. Current ongoing activities to reach the goal.
  1. Counseling and assisting victims and their families: individual, system oriented, self help groups
  2. Counseling of perpetrators( in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice and Police, based on the law against domestic violence)
  3. Counseling of self help groups ( both females and males)
  4. Forming and guiding of “Networks preventing/fighting Domestic Violence” in several districts.
  5. Organizing educational and training activities for service-and assistance providers and others as well as develop and publish programs and information.
  6. Organizing in and out of school educational programs for youngsters and training programs for teachers.
  7. Collecting and analyzing data
  8. Participation in working-groups existing of both Governmental and Non-Governmental institutes/organizations.
  9. Conducting surveys with respect to ( domestic) violence against women
  10. Participation in the preparation of the establishment of a shelter for female victims of Domestic Violence (together with governmental institutes and other non-governmental organizations.)
  11. Training of counselors and other workers for the benefit of the shelter
  12. Maintaining contact at national and international level
  13. Drawing up plans and implement projects, which increase the chance of reaching it goals.