The Capelka School



Kwattaweg #46, Paramaribo, Suriname

telefoon 473423


The founders of the Capelka school were Pauline Crawford, Nancy Ho-A-Tham and LeatitiaHo-A-Tham. The school opened its doors on October 1, 2000 with 29 preschoolers ranging from age 1 through 3 years.


The name “Capelka” was chosen because it is the name of a Surinamese butterfly. Why a butterfly? We searched for a name of a small part of our daily surroundings: an insect, simple yet beautiful and encountered throughout our nation. Most importantly, the butterfly undergoes 4 developmental stages, just as young children in our primary focus group do.

The developmental stages of the butterfly are: the egg, the caterpillar, the pupa and the butterfly. In our eyes the babies are the eggs, the one-year-olds the caterpillars, the two-year-olds the pupas and the three-year-olds the butterflies– prepared to enter Kindergarten and take on the big world.


The preschool is accessible to ALL children in Suriname between the ages of 0 through 4 years with no regards to the developmental stage they are in.

There are three shifts: The morning shift from 6.45 a.m. to13.30 p.m., the all day shift from 6.45 a.m.  through17.00 p.m. and the after school group from 12.00 p.m. through 17.00 p.m.


Working within the sector of early childhood development is very intensive, yet the sector is  not  subsidized.It became apparent to the founders to become an N.G.O.

On April12 2007StichtingCapelka was enacted.


To stimulate the growth and development of children between the ages of  0 through 12, whereby the main focus is on early childhood development of children ages 0 through 8.


To provide support during the development of the child while paying special attention to  the social and didactic fields within a child-friendly environment.


  1. Initiating and implanting  projects  geared towards the development of the core group
  2. Organizing seminars, lectures and other gatherings and  activities pertaining to our goals
  3. Organizing recreational activities
  4. Networking with local and international organizations with similar goals
  5. Exerting all legalities that could be beneficial to the goals.

StichtingCapelka has a few tasks that yet have to be realized:

  • Upgrading the administration
  • Creating a storage room
  • Constructing and furnishing akitchen
  • Constructing and furnishing twoclassrooms for Kindergarteners
  • Constructing and furnishing a multimedia room with library
  • Constructing a smaal pool.

At theCapelkaschoolwe play, learn, draw, paint, laugh, jump, dance and sing. Reading exciting storiesare also part of our fun activities.

Yes, we have done all of the above so that we could continue unto the ‘big school’.

Always be friendly, helpful and jolly

Then, for sure you will become a model citizen in our society!