The Crisis Centre, Bahamas

The Crisis Centre

Knowles House,PMH

P.O. Box EE- 17910

Shirley Street



Telephone: 328-0922/Fax: 328-7824

About The Crisis Centre

The Crisis Centre, formerly known as The Women’s Crisis Centre, is a registered, non-profit organization that provides services to people who are the victims of physical, sexual and emotional abuse. The Centre was opened in 1982 in response to the urgent need in the community for such a facility. During the time the Centre has been in operation, the number of volunteers has grown steadily and the scope of services rendered to the community has been considerably expanded. Because  of   the  Centre’s   extensive  efforts,  through  radio  shows,  newspaper articles,  workshops, school talks  and  other  presentations  to  churches  and  civic organizations, to sensitize the community to the devastating effects of all forms of abuse, persons from all socio-economic levels are seen at the Centre. The Centre also advocates for legislative and societal protection of survivors and raises public consciousness through education and information. The Director, Dr. Sandra Dean Patterson, leads the cohort of volunteers who work untiringly to service the needs of the community. Our services include:

  • 24-hour hotline
  • Counselling Clinic
  • Rape Survivor Advocacy program
  • Domestic Violence Advocacy Programme
  • Court Watch
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Informational Brochures
  • School & Community Outreach Workshops

Our aim is to promote the safety and healing of survivors, and to continue our mandate to end violence of any form. The counselling is ideologically independent, free and confidential. Persons are provided with options and assistance and the Centre’s staff advocates for them with the courts, police and other relevant bodies.