The Shelter, Trinidad

The Shelter is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, which aims to change society’s beliefs, attitudes, behaviour and laws in order to end/reduce domestic violence. We were established in 1987 by a core of concerned citizens.

The Shelter is made up of 6 Board Members, all volunteers, and a paid staff of 4 consisting of a Matron. a Shelter Coordinator, a live in Handyman/Security and an Administration/public Affairs Manager. We also have on board 2 counsellors to attend to the needs of our clients.

We are funded in part by a quarterly subvention from the Government, Fundrasing events hosted by The Shelter and the kind Citizens of our Twin Island Republic.

Statement of Philosophy
The Shelter views the family as the basic unit of society. Family violence attacks the integrity of that unit and consequnently the society. The Shelter is dedicated to eradicating family violence in Trinidad and Tobago.

To maintain a dual focus on direr services and social range.

(i) Provision of direr services to survivors of battering and their children; include Counselling. crisis intervention, support, individual advocacy, and a wide range of material assistance. Direct services induce providing safe physical space for survivors of violence and their children through maintenance of a shelter facility.

(ii) Provision of community education and advocacy, and to change the personal attitudes, institutional practices and cultural beliefs that allow and condone violence.


  • To provide safety for survivors of battering and their children
  • To advocate forjustice for survivor and their children
  • To help survivors empower themselves and to advocate for the rights and needs of survivors
  • To forge alliances with other agencies working to create social change
  • To run Outreach services aimed at supporting survivors and their children
  • To provide counseling services to the perpetrator Transitional Suppod Program
  • To work with women in consructing a Transitional Support Plan (identifying their goals)
  • To provide women with appropriate tool and methods to accomplish their personal long erm goals
  • To provide crisis intervention, counselling and employment support mechanisms

Volunteer Program

  • To maintain a volunteer base that reflects the diversity of our clients
  • To create projects for volunteers and utilise their creativity and administration skills
  • To provide volunteers with the opportunity to work in new fileds
  • To increase volunteer involvement in the shelter’s special events and general meetings
  • To provide volunteers with regular appreciatino and evaluation reports

Shelter Volunteer Application 2010.pdf