The West Dominica Children’s Federation

Organizational Overview

The West Dominica Children’s Federation (West Fed) is a non-government organization working on behalf of children in over 50 communities on the west coast of the Commonwealth of Dominica. Our aim is to build peaceful communities where children and youth can live in a clean, safe and drug free environment. We serve children and families by implementing programs that target the following five priority issues: Alcohol & Drugs, Sexual Abuse, Unemployment, Teenage Pregnancy, and Violence.

Our programming approach falls into three life stage categories: 0-5, 6-14, and 15-24 years which increase the access of infants and young children in targeted communities to nurturing and stimulating experience that are conducive to their healthy growth and development. The West Dominica Children’s Federation is committed to changing the socio-economic landscape for deprived, excluded, and vulnerable children and families in Dominica.


Create an economically vibrant community by building partnerships across all sectors of the community for the good of the children and families.


Children and youth will reside in a caring and peaceful environment that promotes effective partnerships to ensure that they live within their communities whose members share a passion for community empowerment.


  • Inclusiveness
  • Respect
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Accountability & Transparency
  • Confidentiality
  • Increase child and youth access to nurturing and stimulating experiences conductive to healthy growth and development
  • Ensure child and youth have access to and complete basic good quality education
  • Enable meaningful youth participation in policies and programs that affect and can benefit their lives
  • Integrate programs, sponsorship and finance in processes and activities for high productivity
  • Maintain accountable relations with ChildFund sponsors, grant donors and other supporters
  • Address capacity building needs of board, staff, youth and community volunteers and groups
  • Ensure highest level of meaningful participation and leadership of children and youth
  • Implement and adhere to policies and guidelines for quality operations of the Federation and quality assurance of financial agreements and performance management.
  • Conduct effective monitoring and evaluation of projects through reviews, research, surveys, beneficiary tools, etc
  • Increase high visibility of the organization and work with government and private sector to increase financial and technical resources to ensure growth and sustainability





Board of Directors

The West Dominica Children’s Federation’s board of directors is governed by the organization’s constitution. The board consists of the following 11 members who are responsible for the overall leadership and guidance of the organization and ensures the overall integrity of the organization is met.

  • Arthur Hilton
  • Mildred Nicholas
  • Renalda Joseph
  • Millutine Hyacinth
  • Viviane Toussaint
  • Celia George
  • Ursula Peter
  • Althia Blanc
  • Yana Jno. Baptiste Henderson
  • Sean Martin



West Federation has 10 permanent full time members of staff. The staff works alongside the board in the planning and implementation of program initiatives together with children and youth and other community members in our targeted areas.

Contact Information:

West Dominica Children’s Federation

Curry’s Rest Road

Mahaut, Commonwealth of Dominica

(767) 449-2658 / (767) 616-1234