Women of Purpose Ministry-Barbados


Our Mission is to assist women:
To help themselves and achieve economic self-sufficiency through empowerment skills, housing, child development services, health care, support services and meaningful employment;
To develop positive self-esteem and clarify their values on which to build a successful life;
To have a network of sisters who can empathise with each other – a network of trustworthy women who will be available to teach and be a support for younger women.
To have a home base of its own where training, counselling and seminars will be held to empower and encourage women.
This will also have facilities to house women who are in need of a place for short term escape from homes of violence or any other form of danger to them and their children.
There is only one me; I will make the most of myself. If it is to be, it is up to me.
Women of Purpose (WOP) was established three years ago by Jenifer J. Johnson with the main focus of reaching women through a Radio Programme concentrating on issues affecting women in the community. From the feedback of each programme women would receive counselling and assistance was also given to persons in need of food, clothing, furniture and finances to meet medical fees.
Women of Purpose Radio programme has initiated the need to create an avenue for women to receive continuous counseling and the development of an Educational Programme which will seek:
To enhance the ability of women;
To give women a desire to have an understanding for the critical need of self-empowerment;
To help women see the need to become effective and efficient change agents in their community and space of influence.
This would assist them in becoming catalysts for sustainable change among women.
Women of Purpose Ministry Services can develop women through seminars, courses, coaching, as well as counseling to empower them to better living. Through training and coaching activities we believe that there can be a change in mindsets and dependence syndrome to a more fulfilling life, a higher degree of self-esteem and personal fulfilment.
Women of Purpose Ministry believe older women need to embrace the Titus 2 model and teach the younger women:
To recognize the sisterhood as a great avenue to reach our little sisters;
To touch them with love and embrace them with hope;
To revive the trust, taking back the dignity and decent decisions for a better life.
Women of Purpose Ministry believe in healthy living, holistic mindset and embracing the beauty in each sista as fearfully and wonderfully made by God. On July 7, 2010 Women of Purpose Ministry was registered as a Non-profit organization (#832) with Corporate Affairs Barbados. On March 7, 2011 we officially launch this ministry to touch and serve the community, our nation and the world.
1. To promote the welfare of women, including empowering women to have greater self-worth, independence and self-esteem;
2. To improve the social and emotional coping skills of women;
3. To rehabilitate women who have need for such services;
4. To further the education (including social and physical training) of women;
5. To provide relief in cases of financial distress to women;
6. To support and provide educational and recreational facilities for women in need;
7. To promote good supportive relationships between women and men;
8. To promote public education on various women’s issues.
Empower Me is a twelve week Programme designed to empower women to become self-confident, self–sufficient and to exercise financial freedom; also, to gain a skill or improve a talent.
The first Programme commences in 2011.
The programme is open to women who feel the need to become more confident and who think they need to enhance their self-esteem. It will cater to women who are struggling with financial empowerment and teach women to “Dare to Save”.
“Dare to Save” will empower women and bring them from a position of dependency.
The sessions will be held at the Soroptomist Village, Eden Lodge, St. Michael.
The Course is open to women of all ages.
Please call 231-9215 if you would like to register for this course.
 Providing Counselling Services
 Holding Seminars, Meetings, Lectures, Classes, Training Courses
 Disseminating Information on Women’s Issues
 Assisting needy women/families
 Providing Assistance in job selection and placement
Ministry Director
Mrs. Jenifer J. Johnson
Rev. Dr. Beverly Lashley
Deputy Chairman
Mr. Joseph Johnson
Miss Juanita Gittens
Ms. Cheryl Babb
To make an appointment to see a counsellor please call:
Jenifer J Johnson
Ministry Director of WOP