Domestic Violence

The NGO Caribbean Development Foundation’s(NCDF)  2014 violence against women campaign


The 2014 violence against women campaign is about to conclude with a training workshop for NGOs , other stakeholders and other professionals, working towards the rehabilitation of men with a history of violence. 

The NCDF is firmly of the view that any solution to eradicating violence in the home and violence against women must include men. In fact mandatory counselling for perpetrators of domestic violence is one of the recommendations of the Cascadia Protocol (See the petition and full document below)

The workshop will be facilitated by  Mr. Jonathan Fowler of the Splitz organisation in the United Kingdom.



Mr. Fowler has an academic background in Psychology and Child & Family Studies from, Leiden University, in The Netherlands.

He has managed secure psychiatric facilities as well as prisons. Since 2011 Mr. Fowler has focused on counseling and facilitating groups with men who are abusive in their relationships.

Mr Fowler will provide training in a specific model for working with violent men.  This model is based on a method developed in Duluth in the US since 1981 and also further developed within the ‘Splitz Domestic Abuse Service’ in the UK, and elsewhere.

The Workshop will be held  at the Cascadia Hotel, St. Anns’, Port of Spain,Trinidad  on December 12 & 13th,2014 at 9am.

Participants are asked to make a contribution of $80.00TT towards the cost of the workshop

If you wish to participate please call us at 792-2089, or email us at 





                                                       The Cascadia Protocol


The Cascadia Protocol is a document comprising several recommendations for coping with the issue of domestic violence in our society. The petitions below, summarizes the key recommendations from the document. Click on the icon below for your country and sign the petition. Ask our governments to take urgent action on this issue. Protecting the citizens of our country is not the choice of a government, it is an obligation.


Click here to read and sign the Cascadia Protocol Petition-Trinidad & Tobago


Click here to read and sign the Cascadia Protocol Petition – Suriname


Click here to read and sign the Cascadia Protocol Petition-Barbados








To read the full document scroll down to the documents icon, click on it to read the full document for your respective country.



The Cascadia protocol is the key component of the NGO Caribbean Development Foundation’s violence against women campaign. The protocol is the result of an extensive consultative process with Non governmental organisations (NGO) and other stakeholders across the CARICOM area. The recommendations in the protocol are based on the feedback from the consultative Forums held in each CARICOM country. The petition summarizes the key recommendations in the Cascadia Protocol document. The aim of the recommendations in the protocol is to provide regional governments with broad based policy guidelines for the implementation of programs and procedures that will directly and indirectly provide women experiencing violence in the home with a greater level of support and protection. The Protocols for Trinidad & Tobago and Suriname are the first to be released, and will be followed by the release of the document in other CARICOM states. The recommendations in the document for each country, is based on the feedback from the consultative forums held in each country.

Docment image - website

Read the full Cascadia Protocol document for each country

Overview of the violence against women campaign

2010 to 2012

The NCDF’ initiated its Violence against women campaign with a regional conference held at the Cascadia hotel in St. Ann’s Port of Spain , Trinidad in September 2010. This regional conference brought NGOs from across the CARICOM area together. The conference was funded by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This allowed the foundation to pay for the travel and accommodation of the foreign participants. The conference was also well attended by NGOs based here in Trinidad. The regional conference was attended by representatives from Eleven CARICOM states. Those states included: Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Suriname and Trinidad & Tobago, Subsequent to the regional forum held in Trinidad in September 2010, the board of the NCDF held follow up consultation forums in Six CARICOM countries, namely Barbados, Suriname, Grenada, Jamaica, Trinidad and Guyana. The Forums were widely advertised in each country in order to attract a wider body of NGOs and other stakeholders. The Forums were well attended in each country. Click on the icons below to review the minutes of the Consultative process.

Cascadia 2

September 2010 regional conference on Domestic violence


Chamberlin Bridge

Barbados Consultative Forum-March 2011 Minutes


Suriname Consultative Forum – August 2011 Minutes


Grenada Consultative Forum – August 2011 Minutes

Trinidad Consultative Forum – October 2011 Minutes


Knutsford bill board

Jamaica consultative Forum -November 2011 Minutes


Guyana Consultative Forum – December 2011 Minutes

Campaign Events 2013 & 2014


Cathedral, Port of Spain

Interfaith Memorial Service for Victims of Domestic violence- Trinidad – February 2013


Suriname Symposium – March 15th , 2014

The Library

The Library


Included in our Library are copies of International agreements on violence against women, signed by CARICOM governments. There are also copies of the various domestic violence acts from across the region, as well as other documents of interest pertaining to this issue. Click on the icon above to access the aforementioned documents. If you have any information on the topic of domestic violence or gender based violence that you would like to share with us please email us at






City of Port of Spain, Photo by witek Hebanowski

The Violence against women campaign of The NGO Caribbean Development Foundation between 2010 to 2014 was funded by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Poland, The Kingdom of the Netherlands, Fernandes Business Centre, and the Foreign and commonwealth office of the United Kingdom

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