A Call to Men- Ending Violence against women, 2017 campaign







From February 20th to March 30th The NGO Caribbean Development Foundation rolled out its violence against women campaign in the Eastern Caribbean and Trinidad. The foundation held the ”A call to men ” workshop in Grenada, St. Vincent, St. Lucia and Trinidad.

Most of the work the foundation has done in the past has been on and behalf of victims. However we felt that the solution to violence against women must include men, as such we felt workshops that provide NGOs with training on how to counsel men with a history of violence would be another approach to reducing gender based violence in the region.

The ‘A call to Men series of workshops was the first project to be implemented by the foundation in St. Vincent and St. Lucia. The coverage by the media, resulted in a tremendous response by the public and participation by the NGO sector. More….(media coverage)

The workshops in the Eastern Caribbean were sponsored by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

The workshop held in Trinidad was held at the Couva Revival Centre.

The Foundation would like to thank Pastor Lew Thomson and the Couva revival centre in Trinidad for  providing the foundation with a venue for the workshop to be held in Trinidad. The centre also provided the participants with meals on both days.


Click on the folder below to view the course materials for workshops held both in the Eastern Caribbean and in Trinidad.


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The NGO Caribbean Development Foundation would once again like to thank the British Foreign and Commonwealth office for its support of our work in the region.

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