Cascadia Protocol Documents

The Cascadia Pr0tocol documents are being released in the following countries during the last quarter of 2014:

Trinidad,Suriname,Barbados,Guyana .

At present the Trinidad and Suriname documents have been released. Barbados and Guyana Cascadia Protocol Petitions and full documents will be released in the month of October.

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The recommendations in the Cascadia Protocol are meant to provide regional governments with broad based policy guidelines for programs that provide protection and support to victims of domestic violence , as well as impact on the reduction of gender based violence in the region in the long term.

The NGO Caribbean Development Foundation is hoping that regional governments will take the initiative to implement the recommendations put forward by NGOs from across the region.


The recommendations put forward by the NGOs from across the region, were compiled by the NCDF and formalized in a document.

The work of the NGO Caribbean Development Foundation is based on facilitating various work programs of the NGO sector in the region as well as consultation with the NGO sector in the CARICOM area.












Mrs Claudia Mark Benjamin

Mrs Claudia Mark Benjamin




DSC00869TDADThe NCDF's President & Founder, Carol Daniel


















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