Cascadia Protocol – Suriname

  1. Full scale implementation of domestic violence units within the police service of Suriname
  2. Police service to provide security for Shelters i.e. camera monitoring & periodic drive by checks
  3. Implementation of a data collection system on domestic violence in the Health sector, Police Service, and Judiciary of Suriname.
  4. Development of the forensic nursing profession in Suriname. This should include the provision of Tertiary level courses on this aspect of the nursing profession.
  5. Provision of counseling services for perpetrators of domestic violence by the Mental Health sector of Suriname.
  6. The allocation of increased resources by the government of Suriname to domestic violence awareness programs in secondary schools.
  7. Establishment of a capital fund by the government of Suriname for the maintenance of shelters.
  8. Implementation of the 1% transfer of income tax system. The income tax to be transferred to public benefit organisations working to eradicate violence against women.
  9. Provision of transitional housing by the government of Suriname to shelters working with victims of domestic violence.
  10. Creation of a Caribbean Regional Witness Protection program for victims of domestic violence assessed as being at risk of being murdered by their spouse/partner

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Cascadia Protocol - Suriname


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