Interfaith Memorial


From left to right; Cleric Raffique Mohammed of Tackveeyatul Islamic Assc. T&T, Carol Daniel , President and Founder of The NCDF and Jaideth Maharaj , President of Swaha International


The NGO Caribbean Development Foundation (NCDF) started its 2013 campaign on violence against women  with a memorial service for women ,who had  been murdered by a violent spouse or partner.  The service was held at the Sacred Heart’s church, Port of Spain , Trinidad, on Saturday 17th February 2013. We were hoping to warn young women of the possibility, that a loving valentine at the start of a relationship, can become an abusive spouse, or even worse, the person responsible for your untimely demise. Such a warning was not  meant to discourage young love, but to encourage young women to take their time and employ good judgement when choosing a mate.


The service was widely advertised, so we were disappointed at the lack of response from the public, but we realised, coming so soon after Carnival 2013, the timing was ill-advised.

However we  were alarmed at the level of disinterest on the part of the NGO sector, given the fact, that the NGO sector is the main source of help and support to victims of domestic violence in the region. There was only one NGO in attendance at this memorial service. 

The NCDF was not discouraged by this indifference, we pressed on with our work on domestic violence in Trinidad and across the region.

Despite the lack of attendance at the memorial service, the NCDF,  bearing in mind, that the service was being held for the victims of domestic violence, who lost their lives to this unfortunate social problem, we continued the service.

We would like to thank Pundit Jaideth Maharaj, Cleric Raffique Mohammed and Father Kenneth Assing for their contributions to the service.

We would also like to thank Paulette Serrette for her contribution to the service

Finally the NCDF would like to thank ‘The Shelter’ for its support and attendance at the memorial service.






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