Nekevah Rescue Center

Nekevah Rescue Center

Nekevah Rescue Center is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), incorporated under the Companies Act (1995) Trinidad and Tobago on October 19, 2006. The organization originated from an outreach effort by the Triumphant Women Ministry of Divine Encounter Fellowship with a hotline made available to minister to hurting women. Lead by Mrs. Joycelyn Duncan, together with our group of concerned women, the effort has evolved from just ministering to women via the telephone into full fledged “rescue center”.

This organization is headed by a board of ten directors and managed by a committee of ten, all volunteers.

We have a paid staff of two (2) part time matrons, and the volunteered services of three counselors, and a medical doctor.

We are funded by fund raisers, well wishers and supporters and by our affiliated church.

  1. 1. Our Vision

To provide a safe place where abused women can be rehabilitated to become self-sufficient, productive members of society.

  1. 2. Our Mission

To facilitate the rehabilitation of women through programs aimed at reshaping their moral and ethical values, by providing help for their emotional, spiritual, and physical well being. To provide help by developing the financial management skills of our clients, and providing educational and recreational facilities, thus empowering them to build their lives, head better families and thus communities.

Through training programs we help them enhance their opportunities for employment. We also provide counseling services needed to build self esteem and healthy relationships.

3.      Operation:

a)     The provision of temporary shelter for clients and their children.

b)     Development of a God consciousness with moral and ethical values through, bible study workshops and a mentoring program.

c)      Enhancement of their opportunities for employment by exposing them to training options, government programs and other institutions which lend support to nationals.

d)     We also help them find employment

e)     We schedule regular counseling services

f)       We facilitate medical care for our residents, including visit to the doctors.

g)     Empowerment  for abused women through education programs, which cater to the development of basic life skills such as innumeracy, literacy, proper diet and exercise

h)    Provision of training in social graces and financial planning.

i)       Provision of counseling services needed to build healthy family relationships and self-esteem.

We also conduct life skills workshops with community groups and schools.

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