Suriname Symposium -2014

The NGO Caribbean Development Foundation (NCDF)  held a symposium on Domestic violence in Suriname at the Torarica hotel on March 15th , 2014. The Symposium was advertised to the public and well attended by the Public.

A number of presentations were made at the symposium by some of the leading intellectuals, researchers and reach out workers in the field of Gender Based violence.  Except for the presentation made by the Vice President of The NCDF, Witek Hebanowski, the presentations were made in Dutch, the official language of Suriname.


Witek - Suriname

Witek Hebanowski , Vice President , The NGO Caribbean Development Foundation

Presentations were made by :

Carla Bakboard of the Women’s Rights centre

Reginald Cairo of Man mit man

Denny Ristie of Universal Peace Foundation , Suriname

Witek  Hebanowski of The NGO Caribbean Development Foundation








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Carol Daniel, President of the NGO Caribbean Development Foundation



The NGO Caribbean Development Foundation’s 2014 violence against women campaign is sponsored by The British Foreign Office.