The Halfway House


The Halfway House 2016 is a safe place of shelter for women and children who are victims of domestic violence in our country and is a registered non-profit organization with a Board of Directors.

Our victims are provided with sleeping quarters, living area and a designated area where children can be assisted with school work and where life skills workshops can be held.  We are open to women and children of all ages who have experienced acts of violence or threatened acts of domestic violence and offer a secure and supporting atmosphere in which victims of abuse receive food and shelter and professional counselling services.  We assist those who wish to apply for Protection Orders. Children sleep in the shelter with their parent and we assist them, where possible, in settling into the community after they leave our home.

It is a short term refuge during a crisis and our women get support, guidance and counselling during their stay.  All our services are free.

Contact personnel:

Mrs Veronica Landreth-Smith     –   Director


Mrs Marla Mitchell


466-2904;   650-2684;   650-4617, 373-7383